Corporate Group Training

Looking for an endorphin release for your staff? Have you considered Corporate Group Training sessions? My corporate group training sessions use either Boot Camp and/or Thump Boxing for Fitness style sessions.

Why improve the health and well being of your workplace? Businesses are realising the benefits of a healthy, fit work environment. The old saying healthy body, healthy mind still holds true today. The investment in your staffs health and fitness can have immediate and long lasting benefits for your organisation.

What you will get from Elevate your Life Corporate Group Training? A weekly email providing fitness tips, a topic of the week delving into various subjects including nutrition, goal setting and different styles of training just to name a few. Varied sessions that can cater for different fitness levels and abilities, challenge your staff’s motor skills and provide fitness challenges that require team work. I provide all the equipment all your staff need is a drink bottle, towel and a work ethic to have a go and work towards their own personal goals.

Costs for corporate group training vary depending on size of group and location.

If you would like to find out more information regarding Corporate Group Training or to make a booking, please contact Matt.

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