Personal Training

In Studio

Looking for a time efficient personalised workout to fast track towards your goals? My in studio Personal Training sessions use state of the art equipment that will help accelerate you to your goals.

Sessions are by appointment only in my private studio, no bumping into other trainers and their clients!

If you have a friend or friends who would like to join in your sessions I can cater for this.


Mobile Personal Training is a great option for people who are super busy and don’t have time to travel to a gym or a studio. It’s also perfect for someone who wants to train in a comfortable familiar environment.

Whether you use equipment or not I can design you an exercise routine that can see you progress towards your goals.

A variety of equipment is used for my mobile sessions. Your goals will determine exactly what equipment we will utilise.

If you would like to find out more information regarding In Studio or Mobile Personal Training or to make a booking, please contact Matt.

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