"7 months ago I had my 3rd baby girl, I've been training with matt for the past 4 months and I am now back to my wedding weight... My training sessions are something that I look forward to and derive a great sense of achievement from... It is fun, personal and most importantly, I can see and feel how my body is changing... Matt has also helped me with nutritional advice and guidance on my out of gym training sessions to keep me motivated and challenge me.... I especially appreciate that Matt understands the need to 'have a life', you can still achieve your goals without giving up your social life and the things you enjoy... I am stronger, fitter and in the best shape I have ever been.... Exercise is now a very enjoyable part of my life and I cannot imagine my life without it..."

Chloe, Kilsyth

"I began doing Boot camp about 6 weeks ago with Matt. A friend of mine had been attending for quite some time and she had told me some great things about the sessions. I had lost 15 kilos in the past 12 months but my weight loss and motivation had come to a standstill so I was looking for something that would motivate and challenge me. I found both of these things in boot camp! In the past 6 weeks I have begun to lose weight again but most of all I am enjoying my exercise more than ever. The sessions are always different and a lot of fun and I look forward to Wednesday nights every week."

Lisa, Mooroolbark

"I would highly recommend elevate your life training sessions, Matt is a highly motivated and knowledgeable person, who's very encouraging and skilled, I think at some time or another we have all wasted unnecessary time trying to decide what to do in the gym rather than exercising! In Matt's sessions he's done the thinking for you, in an hour you get a great workout. When you turn up your welcomed into a fun positive fitness environment, and the calories burnt are sure to put a smile on your face."

Narelle, Wonga Park

"You too can have this "Turtle Look" with the help of a personal trainer!!! Many Thanks Matt this 60+ year old loved the double back packing around Russia and China!"

Pam, Heathmont

"I joined Matt's boot camp sessions Monday and Wednesday nights due to me having to return to work full time. I began these boot camp sessions at the beginning of July through a recommendation and could not be happier; I leave these sessions feeling fantastic. When I started I was doing push ups and the hover on my knees and now I can do a proper hover on my toes for a minute and I start off all my push up reps on my toes, before this was not an option. I have made some fantastic new friends through these sessions and now that my full time work commitments are over I have started doing some small group sessions during the day from matt’s Mount Evelyn studio as well as the occasional personal training session. I enjoy going for the catch up and conversations, something that started off as weekly exercise sessions have now become weekly social sessions. The thing I like about Matt is that nothing is a drama. He has tried to fit around my schedule with my children and we have accomplished this every time and let’s be honest, time is the biggest factor! I have also noticed a difference in the shape of my body, I have lost centimetres around my body and I feel like I have so much energy. I highly recommend matt’s sessions to anyone that enjoys exercising with others."

Kelly, Mount Evelyn

"Matt is a fantastic trainer for many reasons. Matt identifies your goals and needs and creates a program that pushes you to the best of your ability. Training sessions are always interesting and seem to go by in a second as each week they change. Matt is always a pleasure to train with as he manages to be fun yet tough enough for you to get things done."

Sophie, Croydon North

"I have been Boxing for over 3 months now and the program variation from week to week makes Matt's Boxing classes very challenging and enjoyable. My goal when starting the classes was to lose weight and tone up and with Matt's assistance along the way; I am well on the way to achieving my goal. I highly recommend Elevate Your Life Personal Training to people of all fitness levels."

Jarrod, Croydon Hills

"Thanks to Matt's boxing sessions my motivation for fitness has taken a new direction. Not only is his session’s calorie burning, Matt also focuses on technique, variety and just as important, fun. Matt recognises each participant’s fitness ability and encourages everyone to their limit and beyond. I highly recommend any of Matts sessions from Boot Camp to Boxing or even personal training."

Tracey, Croydon South

"I first started Boot Camp with Matt Silk in April 2011 after being referred by a friend who had recently started. After my first session I was ADDICTED!!! Since April I have only missed 1 session, and felt lost when I couldn’t attend. Combining Boot camp with other regular exercise, I have lost 9kg. I am inspired by Matt each and every week as he pushes us, (in the nicest possible way) to get the most out of each session. I find the weekly newsletter very informative, and Matt is very easy to approach and lots of fun. Each week/session is completely different which inspires me to attend, knowing that it won’t be boring and repetitive. I highly recommend it to everyone."

Michelle, Croydon Hills

"Boot Camp has helped me push through both physical and mental barriers. The early starts are the best way to start the day, as my fitness increases, my general wellbeing improves and my goals expand."

Lynne, Bayswater

"If you want a kick start or just a rev up from your everyday training, Matt will find a way to make it challenging, rewarding and exhausting. He's always there to give you some friendly advice, and always willing to help you meet your goals and hopefully exceed them!"

Rena, North Ringwood

"Boot camp has been very enjoyable over the past 6 months. Matt tailors workouts to a personal level to get the best out of me. A variety of training keeps the motivation going to improve cardio and help tone up."

Dave, Mooroolbark

"Elevate your Life provides a professional and lively way to keep fit. Matt brings a wealth of knowledge which is varied and will suit all types of fitness requirements."

Mike, Croydon

"I have been doing boot camp for a few months now, and have found my fitness level has improved and I have increased my muscle tone and strength too! Each workout is different so you never get bored! It's a great way to work out, it keeps you motivated and its lots of fun. I have recently just started the boxing class too and am loving that! It’s a great cardio workout without even knowing it! I highly recommend either of these classes to anyone of any fitness level!"

Lea, Heathmont

"Boot camp is a fantastic workout for all fitness levels. It has helped me improve my fitness, lose weight and has increased my motivation to exercise incredibly. Every session is different and Matt provides great support and motivation."

Kerri, Mooroolbark

"Brilliant! I have done them all, Matt's Boot camp, Boxing and PT session. Matt's dynamic structure, motivation, structure and approach to fitness is absolutely brilliant. The proof really is in your fitness. Hats off to you Matt. My new found hunger is for more."

Joele, Mooroolbark


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