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Looking at a way of making lifelong lifestyle changes? Sick of chasing your tail doing the same old things? Elevate your Life’s Lifestyle Challenges are designed to give you the skills to make changes to your lifestyle and habits that will propel you towards your goals. The best part is the changes you make are sustainable long term so when you achieve your goals you will keep the results!!! But remember we still need to live our lives, however sometimes a tweak here and there can give you the best of both worlds.

A couple of clients who have completed my 12 week challenge share their experiences below:

"At the end of last winter, I felt like I needed a bit of a kick start to get ready for Summer. Whilst I was still training pretty regularly and eating reasonably well, I felt I would benefit from some extra motivation to get back into the swing of things. I personally find winter the hardest season, less motivation to get outside and exercise and I believed that working with Matt through the final stages of winter would be a great help to keep me going through the last of the cold winter days and into the warmer weather!

I was lucky enough to find Elevate Your Life (and Matt!) as he was recommended to me by some friends. I instantly felt comfortable within Matt's sessions; he has a very welcoming nature. I find Matt really encouraging and motivating, he's a wealth of knowledge and excellent at making sessions fun and varied. I haven't looked back since my first session with him over a year ago and I look forward to it every week!

I enjoyed the weekly emails which contained information regarding health, fitness and nutrition. The tasks that accompanied these emails really helped me identify my weak points and areas I needed to work on. I also enjoyed the bonus exercise sessions (any excuse for an extra training session with Matt!), and I will admit I enjoyed the fitness assessment element of it too, so I could measure my progress during the course of the program.

My biggest achievement with this challenge was that I learnt to set goals and actually went out and achieved them. One of my goals during the challenge was to complete the Eureka Tower Climb, which I did at the end of the program. I also completed The Stampede during the program and had a great time doing that too! I'd never been successful in goal setting before, always setting goals but never actually getting the motivation to go out and do them! This is a lesson which has stuck with me now and I look forward to achieving more and more of my goals.

I'm aiming to run my first half marathon later this year. I'm also planning on completing the Eureka Tower Climb again this year and trying to knock a few minutes off last year’s time! I'm looking forward to starting the next Elevate Your Life running group and working on my fitness, whilst hopefully managing to lose a little body fat and increase my lean muscle (Lean muscle is king!). :)

Matt's sessions are always varied and different. I find them to be fun whilst at the same time giving you a really good workout! I haven't left a session yet without feeling awesome and on top of the world. Matt seems to have a special way of motivating people and getting the best out of them, without them even realising he is pushing them to new limits! You will learn a lot about yourself and learn how to make lifestyle changes that will enable you to live a healthier and fitter life very easily! You won't regret it, Go for it!!!"

Kim, Warranwood

"I took part in the lifestyle challenge, to do something for myself. Being a mother of three I always put their needs first. I really wanted to get back into shape! When I heard that you were doing a challenge it was what I was looking for, it was a complete package. Fitness – diet – motivation and support. I liked your style of training because you are motivating, yet not pushy. You made me think about what I wanted to achieve and made me accountable for me. You were also supportive.

The things I enjoyed most about the challenge were setting goals. It made me really think about what I wanted to achieve and how to get there. The challenges themselves were great, they made me push myself and be accountable for my exercise and diet. It was a real buzz to be able to complete the challenges and really own them. My biggest achievement from the challenge would have to be my fitness. I was as fit as ever!! I felt really great and my body shape changed so much.

If you are considering doing this challenge, don’t think, GO FOR IT! I loved it and it really changed my mind set. Anyone can turn their fitness/diet around. I set myself short term goals which were achievable. It then made me push myself to set more goals for the future. Think small – gain BIG!!! All you have to do is believe in yourself, have a go and most of all have fun doing it!"

Deanna, Mount Evelyn

If you would like to find out more information and find out when the next lifestyle challenge starts contact Matt.

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